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A Seven Step By Step Guide to DIY Lock Installation

There are a few things that matter in life and one of them is security. Without security and especially your own security, there is no survival no life. How though can one do a proper DIY lock installation in Denver CO? Here are seven quick guides that will help you securely install your DIY:

1. Refer To The Manufacturer’s Manual

Almost all professional deadbolt lock producers provide a manual handbook alongside your lock detailing installation procedures. Read them carefully and start installation.

2. Make A Hole For The Lock

After creating reference points, use the proper tool possibly the hole saw to make a hole until the pilot bit of the saw appears on the other end. Make sure the hole is finished for this prevents splinters.

3. Make Another Hole On The Edge Of The Door

Drill a hole that meets with the other on the side of the door.

4. Mortise The Area That Is Around Is Around The Faceplate

Fit the DIY bolt into hole. By using a chisel, mortise the area. Note that upon using the chisel the beveled side should be kept in. a relatively smaller rounded chisel will work better.

5. Secure Your Bolt With Screws

You are about to finish. Now that the bolt has fitted, tighten it to the door using screws of the right size.

6. Install A Thumb Lever And A Cylinder

Fix both the cylinder and the thumb-turn plate to ascertain how these pieces fix. By making sure that your lock is perfectly fitted, insert the exterior first. The writings should at all times face upright. After doing this, it’s time to fix the interior part of the lock. Make sure it is in line with the exterior part after which, fasten.

7. Secure Your Strike Plate And Drill Holes

Mark the bolt end with paint. Close your door. When marking your door frame, severally turn the deadbolt. Then make two holes in the door frame that overlap. A 7/8” spade bit is ideal for this. Finally mortise the area after drilling pilot holes on your door frame where the flush and strike plate will meet.

With those seven elaborate DIY lock installation guides, you are now secure with your family if any.

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Schlage Smart Locks Provide Home Upgrades

schlage-door-locksSchlage is a home security company that has many types of products today. Most products are very useful to improve the overall home security system. This company has some reliable smart locks that come with a lot of useful features and accessories for all customers. Many people feel happy and satisfied with all benefits of these smart locks. Schlage Smart Locks provide home upgrades for all people who want to improve their home security system. There are many benefits that all homeowners can get from this smart lock system. Because of these benefits, this home improvement system is very popular today.

Review of Schlage Camelot on CNET –

1. Intelligent security system

This company is well-known for its intelligent security system. There are many modern technologies that are used by Schlage corporation. Schlage Touch and Schlage Connect are two main products that are very popular among many customers. They can be installed in any properties quickly. Those products have illuminated touch screen that is very comfortable for all users. It is very easy to connect any Schlage smart locks with the smartphone. This feature allows all users monitor their home security system in their daily life easily. All users are able to input their access code in these smart locks easily.

2. Stylish design

This is another reason why many users love using smart locks from Schlage. Most products from this company are made with stylish design. They are specially designed by professional designers who have a lot of experience in this industry. Most products are made from high quality materials. They are also finished with beautiful glossy materials that are very attractive for most people. It means that all users are able to improve the overall look of their properties, especially when they are using any smart locks from this company. The combination of several smart locks can improve the overall interior design of any properties, such as home, apartment, or even office building.

3. Friendly customer service

This company is also supported by some professional customer representatives. They are very friendly to all customers who want to find the best security system for their homes. All customer service agents have a lot of knowledge and skills, so they are able to help any customers find their favorite products easily. They can be contacted via telephone, mail, or email at anytime you want. There are many people who love Schlage company because they are interested with the professionalism of these customer service agents. This company commits to provide high quality customer service for all customers.

There are many other advantages that are provided by Schlage corporation. This company is well-known for its home security accessories and products. There are many useful items that are offered by this reliable home security company. Don’t forget to join the mailing list from this company, in order to get the latest products and discounts from Schlage company. Installing Schlage smart locks can improve the overall security system in any properties today. You can contact this home improvement company at anytime you want, so you can protect your families and valuable assets in your home securely.

6 Best Places to Use Entry Sensors

entry-sensorsPlacing a sensor over a door or window is great in some places; but, in a home or small shop, it is clearly visible to an intruder or an individual who isn’t welcome on the premises. Therefore, it is important to find locations to place sensors for security which can’t be easily spotted. And, with new wireless systems today you have far more mobility and portability, all while receiving the same security benefits of older systems. These are 6 creative places to use entry sensors, without placing them in plain sight.

Who can install them for you?

1. You can do it yourself. Here are some guides.

2. A home security company or locksmith company can perform installation for you. If your in Columbus, OH we recommend the Columbus Locksmith Pros.

Set to Alert:

1. Use display cases – If you have valuables or are a collector, your sensor can be set up to send you a private alert when it is opened. Whether or not the items you collect are of monetary value, they are special to you in some way. Therefore, receiving a private alert when the case is opened, gives you the peace of mind in knowing you are the only one with access to such case.

2. Liquor cabinets/ wine cellar – There is a simple concept behind this one. If your kids are aware of the sensor, they should remain away from it. And, unwanted guests will also stay out if they know you are going to find out about it.

3. The medicine cabinet – A sensor will keep the wrong hands (and eyes) away from your personal medications. Whether you are hosting a party or have house guests for a few days, the sensor will let you know who is snooping, allowing you to catch them in the act.

4. The roommate – Your closet, the TV, or even a dresser drawer are all great places to put your sensor. Not only will it help keep the prying roommate out, it will also help protect your privacy and sanity if you live in a home with other people.

Set to alarm:

You can also set a window sensor to an alarm. There are certain situations in which it should be done, and these are a couple of these situations.

5. Gun safe – Many states actually require guns to be locked up in a safe. If you have kids at home, the alarm will surely keep them out. If a burglar tries to steal your gun and sell it on the street, the alarm will immediately inform the right officials. So, your family is safe, as are potential targets on the streets.

6. Your vehicles – Some burglars may be deterred from entering the home if they see a pricey car, boat, or other vehicle on your lawn. An alarm window or door sensor will immediately signal you if this is the case. Not only will it save your favorite vehicle, but also help keep the contents in it safe.

Door and window sensors can give you back your peace of mind. If someone is trying to interfere in your privacy, they will alert you. If you are trying to protect your kids and family, they allow you to do so. And, if you want to deter theft and burglary, the right system will do this for you as well. Of course doors and windows are the simple place to keep your sensor; but, with so many hidden areas of a home (or business), and with the wireless technologies, the opportunities for protecting yourself are only limited by your own creativity.