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Choosing the Best Energy Efficient Appliances for Your Home!

Energy efficient homeIf you’re planning to add new appliances, you might want to consider energy efficient ones as they ensure significant savings in the long run. If you choose the ones that use gas, it will be especially beneficial. Each of these appliances has its own strengths when it comes to efficiency.

If you want to upgrade your home with energy efficient appliances, you can also qualify for rebates. It’s definitely something to look into. Most of the energy stars are including in this program and are therefore claimable. They also use 12-50 percent less energy than older models, so even after tax rebates, you will still save on energy every year.

Any energy audit by Az energy experts will help you find flaws in your existing appliances and you will also know which one of these you can upgrade to save on monthly utility bills. Sometimes minor adjustments in timers of hot water system (or you can add a timer to your system if it doesn’t have one) and thermostats, and few degrees cooler and few minutes less will definitely save you loads and you’ll never know the difference.

Your heating and cooling system consume lot of energy. The replacement can be expensive but you can not only save on long term energy costs but can also get rebates. A much cheaper way to make your existing systems more cost effective and efficient is to upgrade your home insulation, seal the window and door frames and that alone could easily save you up to 15 percent of your yearly energy bills.

energy-efficient-appliancesYou can also consider natural gas based appliances as it’s a great way to achieve efficiency and benefits such as more quality in functionality and less expensive operation. You’ll also find that appliances that use natural gas will cost less to operate than those that are electricity based. Their functionality is also better. A heater will easily push out air that’s 25-30 degrees warmer than electric furnace. A dryer will dry faster. Hot water heater can heat up much faster when using gas over electric.

You might not know that now you can get many more gas-fueled products. Earlier it used to be ovens/stoves, water heaters, furnaces, but today you can even have clothing dryers. Dryers are a big source of energy for large families. If you do several loads of laundry every week, then it’s important to save as much energy as possible.

Whether you’ve never purchased one appliance for your home or you are getting ready to replace many after years of usage, consider those run on gas. You will definitely save more money up front on some and over time with others. You’ll have better results with dryers, and you will never have to worry about a cold shower after a long power outage again.

Once you take all these things into consideration, hopefully, you will make a better choice and get appliances that will benefit you and your family for years to come. Sometimes these types of change takes time, but when you finally give in and do something slightly differently, you’ll not regret it.